Upcoming Trips

Solomon Islands 2025

So who is up for the dive trip of a lifetime in 2025??????

10 days of diving on liveaboard

May 7-17th 2025 – £5700 (excludes flights) based on 2 sharing cabin….

Deposit £1000 to secure place

1st November 2024 £2000

1st February 2025 balance is due.

To book please get in contact scubascene@aol.com

Dive sites we visit include but are not limited to:

Russell Islands

White Beach: This area was home to a major American supply base during WWII. At the end of the war, an artificial reef was created by dumping trucks, jeeps, tractors, bulldozers, and large amounts of ammunition.

Leru Cut: This canyon juts almost 100m into the island and opens up in the jungle offering spectacular photo opportunities for silhouettes. Outside of the cut is a fabulous wall teeming with fish life. Nearby are 2 dive sites: Mirror pond with its many swim-throughs and Bat Cave with its resident bat colony.

Custom Caves: These volcanic caverns provide amazing photography opportunities as the sun beams through the rock. Lobsters and eels can often be found inside the cavers, while eagle rays can be sighted patrolling on the outside walls. The entrance is covered in soft corals and fans, offering brilliant macro opportunities throughout.

Mary/Mborokua Island: This island is notable for an underwater point that commonly hosts schools of barracuda and trevally. Explore the cuts and caverns behind Jack Point or the Coral Gardens and swim throughs right below the boat.

Marovo Lagoon: This is a double-barrier reef, is said to be the largest saltwater lagoon in the world.

Kavachi Korner: All Kinds of reef sharks are hanging out here, making for incredible diving. Listen for the rumble of Kavachi – an underwater volcano – that has been particularly active recently. Often, the cracking and booming of explosions in the distance can be heard and felt underwater.

Mbulo Island: This island is surrounded by spectacular diving on all sides and six unique dive sites. A gently sloping wall covered in fields of hard and soft corals invites you for a lazy drift along the bottom. Along the island, long swim-throughs in volcanic lava tubes allow for amazing photography opportunities.

Taiyo: Taiyo fishing boat wreck is 100 meters (300 ft) long and on her maiden voyage, she crashed into this reef and sunk vertically. The bow starts almost 2 meters (5 ft) underwater and when you swim over it, you can look straight down the deck nearly 100 meters (300 ft). It feels reminiscent of the famous photos of the bow of the Titanic.

Munda, Western Province

Cave of the Custom Shark: Only 15 minutes past Mushroom Island on NdokeNdoke Island, you will find one of the best cave dives in Solomons for experienced divers. The story behind the cave is a part of local folklore and is intertwined with turtle hunting, shark life in the area, and the mysterious cave. To reach the Cave of the Custom Shark, divers walk with full gear onto the island and through the mangroves. The cave entrance is a pool of fresh water about 2 meters (6ft) wide. Stepping into the water, divers notice that this freshwater is much cooler than the sea.

Visit Skull Island: A 30-minute speed boat ride around Munda’s scattered island gems in a secret location, you will have the opportunity to visit a custom skull island guided by a blood descendant of the heads left on the island. After visiting the small Skull island, a short boat ride takes you to a nearby resort for some snacks and refreshments before heading back to the vessel.

Guests are responsible for their own dive profiles and for obtaining suitable dive insurance to cover all diving activities. We respectfully request our divers stay within the bounds of their training, follow dive computer guidelines, and make decompression stops where necessary.

Marine Life: Lobster, eels, rays, soft corals, white and blacktip reef sharks, fusiliers, anthias, barracuda, trevally, anemone fish, unicornfish, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, rainbow runners.