Scuba Scene Equipment Rental

We have a full range of SCUBA equipment for you to hire. Equipment hire can be for a one day trip, or maybe something for a little longer, we can provide the right package for you. Our hire kit is made up of the leading manufactures including Oceanic, Cressi and Typhoon.

EquipmentDaily RateWeekend RateWeek Rate
Full kit, no suit (see below)£25.00£37.50£100.00
Full kit, with semidry suit (see below)£35.00£52.50£140.00
Full kit, with drysuit (see below)£40.00£60.00 £200.00 
10 litre cylinder£9.00£13.50£36.00
12 litre cylinder£9.50 £14.25 £38.00 
15 litre cylinder£10.00 £15.00 £40.00 
Regulators£15.00 £22.50 £60.00 
BCD£15.00 £22.50 £60.00 
Semi dry with boots, hood and gloves£15.00 £22.50 £60.00 
Drysuit, incuding undersuit, hose£20.00 £30.00£80.00 
Mask/snorkel£3.50 £5.25 £14.00 
Fins£5.00 £7.50 £20.00 
Weight belt£7.50 £11.25 £30.00 
Digital Camera£17.50 £26.25 £70.00 
  • In order to hire dive equipment we will require evidence of a diving qualification.
  • In order to hire a drysuit we will require a drysuit certification card.
  • Full kit packages include – BCD, Regulators, Full 12lt cylinder, Mask & snorkel, Weight belt & 12kg, Gloves, hood, fins (plus exposure suit depending on package)
  • You are responsible for the dive equipment that you have hired – you will be required to pay for any loss or damage to equipment (excluding normal wear and tear)
  • Cylinders are hired full of air – you are responsible for your own fills once empty and must be returned to us with at least 20 bar of air remaining in cylinder (failure to maintain minimum air will cost £35.50 as we will have to have cylinders visually checked prior to re fill)

Remember to ask about our Scuba Scene Club Membership – You can get 20% discount off your equipment rental!!