It doesn’t take many open water dives before you realize that knowing where you are and where you’re going makes a big difference in how much fun you have. In areas where its easy to find your way, underwater navigation skills may simply make your dive more relaxing. Nevertheless, at other dive locations they may determine wheather you find the site and see what you came to see. The benefits of underwater navigation fall into five categories:

  • Underwater navigation builds confidence and puts you in control of your dive plan.
  • Saves energy
  • Makes dive planning more effective
  • Keeps buddies together
  • Reduces air consumption

Course Structure

As in most PADI specialty Diver courses, the PADI Underwater Navigator course emphasizes diving, and you will make at least three navigation dives in open water. These dives will develop your abilities to navigate based on what you observe on your dive, based on instruments like your compass, and based on integrating both of these aspects. The course includes the background information that you’ll need to apply during the dives. You will receive a manual in which you will find two knowledge reviews, you will complete these by reading the manual. Your instructor will review these with you before the dives and will get you to practice your navigation skills on land.


  • PADI junior open water diver or have qualifying certification  

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