Drysuit Diver





The best way to learn how to use a dry suit is by doing it, so like most PADI Specialty Diver courses, the PADI Dry suit Diver course emphasizes diving, first in a pool or confined water and then in open water. It also emphasizes hands-on practice in maintaining and making minor repairs for dry suits.

Course Structure

The course includes information about the types of dry suits, dry suit undergarments and accessories you use with dry suits. You will cover this information by reading the manual and completing the two knowledge reviews in the back of the manual. Your instructor will review these with you before getting into the pool or confined water. During this session you will learn and practice procedures for avoiding and handling situations that ideally, you wont ever experience during an open water dive. During the course, you’ll conduct at least two open water dives in addition to the confined water dive, with the emphasis on mastering buoyancy control and diving safely while using a dry suit. Whe you’ve completed the course, you’ll have earned the PADI Dry suit Diver certification, which qualifies you to dive in a dry suit.


  • Certified as a Junior Open Water Diver

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