Enriched Air Diver





Enriched Air Nitrox has become a tool for increasing no stop (no decompression) dive time. While you once had to search to find a dive computer that you can set to Nitrox, today, virtually all dive computers available are capable of calculating nitrox dives. Combining enriched air nitrox with dive computers simplifies enriched air dive planning and control. It maximizes your no stop dive time, yet helps you remain well within the limits.

Course structure

In this course you will learn the benefits, potential problems, equipment considerations, and other information you need to dive enriched air nitrox with a nitrox dive computer. As part of the PADI Enriched Air course, you will complete two practical applications. Your instructor may schedule them together into a single class. During practical application 1, you’ll learn to use one or more oxygen analyzers. Besides learning how to confirm blends, you’ll determine the maxium depth and check that the cylinder markings correctly reflect the blend and depth. During practical appication 2, you’ll go through all the steps that a typical enriched air fill station has in practise when obtaining enriched air.


  • 12 years old
  • PADI Open Water


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