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Have you just completed your Bubblemaker and want to do more? Your next step is to become a PADI seal team member! A PADI Seal is a member of the PADI Seal Team. PADI Seals are kids just like you, only they know how to use Scuba gear to breathe underwater.

Course Structure

How to become a PADI seal?

To become a PADI seal, you go scuba diving in a pool and do pool dives called Aquamissions. A PADI scuba instructor will lead your aquamissions and teach you what you need to know. When you finish Aqua missions 1-5 you become a PADI Seal. You can be very proud when you become a member of the PADI Seal Team.

Once you have completed your PADI Seal Team member, you get to do even more Aquamissions. Here are the specialty’s you can try as a PADI Seal Team member:

  • Creature id
  • Environmental
  • Inner space
  • Navigation
  • Night
  • Safety
  • Search+Recovery
  • Skin Diver
  • Snapshot
  • Wreck


  • 8 Years old

You can either purchase a session or for better value ask about our block session price (one for Aquamissions 1-5 the other for Master seal team 1-10)

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