Search & Recovery





The most common use for search and recovery – retrieving lost dive gear. Other searches, like small objects lost in vast areas demand more time, care and skill. Other recoveries, such as raising objects too heavy to swim up, demand special equipment and skill. 

Search and recovery is both a useful skill and an enjoyable challenge. The PADI Search and Recovery specialty course develops your abilty to locate and retrieve lost articles, large and small, within recreational limits. You’ll find the course challenging and rewarding because there is something satisfying about coming upon something lost in an area so bi, that it seems impossible to find. Its equally satisfying to ascend slowly and in control raising more weight under a lift bag than you could comfortably carry up.

Course Structure

The course includes knowledge development, which provides the background you need and information you’ll apply as you practice. As part of the course you will receive a Search and recovery manual, at the back of the manual you will find two knowledge reviews which you will complete as independant study. Your PADI instructor will review these before your dives. Some of the under water skills, such as knot tying, rigging and navigating search patterns, are much easier if you practise them first. So, your instructor will have you practice many skills on the surfaceuntil you demonstrate proficiency.


  • Junior Advanced Open Water
  • 12 years old  

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