Wreck Diver





The water gives up its secrets as you explore where the past and the present meet for a moment. As you descend, you look below for your first glimpse, instinctively searching for pattern-something that looks like a ship. You near the bottom and suddenly, in a blink, the wreck materializes below you.

Weather your first dive or your hundredth dive on it, few moments in diving compare with descending on a wreck. The first few times, you sense the mystery and exhilaration of discovery. While most people think “ship” when they think of a wreck, wreck diving includes other craft, such as sailboats, houseboats, railroad cars, automobiles, aircraft and miltary craft. Because of this, few dive environments lack wrecks, so virtually every diver ends up diving on wrecks from time to time.

Course Structure

You will complete four open water dives with your PADI instructor. You’ll have fun on these dives while developing and refining the skills you need for wreck diving. The course includes significant background information that you’ll need, ranging from theory you apply during the dives to legal and historical knowledge. You will cover this infomation by using your Wreck Specialty manual and completing the two knowledge reviews in the back. You will review these with your PADI instructor before your dives. 


  • Adventure Diver
  • 15 years old 

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