Deep Diver





Reaching new depth’s opens a world of life forms that don’t exist at shallower depths. Coral walls and sapphire water tempt us to descend just a bit more, then more, then….Deep water wrecks entice us, calling us to explore them.Sometimes the depth lures us simply because it is there.

Its common sense that with greater depths come more potential hazards. However, not all deep diving hazards are obvious; the untrained and unaware diver may not recognize them. Proper deep diving techniques manage these hazards, but even trained recreational deep divers face unacceptable risk if they descend below reasonable limits.

The PADI Deep Diver Specialty course teaches you the techniques that make recreational deep diving safe and fun. You’ll learn deep diving limits, and how to stay within them. Your skill and ability as a diver will improve as you practise deep diving techniques.


Course Structure

As in most of the PADI specialty diver courses, the Deep Diver emphasizes diving,and you will make at least four deep dives with your PADI instructor. The course includes the background information that you’ll apply during deep dives as well as practical skills you’ll demonstate. You will cover this information by reading the Deep Specialty manual, completing the two knowledge reviews in the back and then discussing them with your instructor before the dives. 


  • Adventure diver
  • 15 years old  

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