Review of Bare Celliant Gloves and Hood

So last weekend I had the opportunity to test the new Bare Celliant 5mm gloves and 7mm hood.This is what they say….”Celliant Infrared technology turns wasted body heat into useable infrared energy. The lining is enhanced with 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric of the glove that react to your body heat converting it to infrared energy and reflecting it back to the body increasing circulation and body warmth.”

I usually dive with a Forth Element hood (5mm) and I have to say that the 7mm hood was in every way as comfortable as my usual. The vent on the top of the hood is great (something missing from the Fourth Element) and the glide skin skirt feels comfortable against the skin. The only downside is that the hood fits so well that when some water does creep in my god you dont half notice it!!! Priced at £65 it is way up there….is it worth it?…if it keeps the head warm then absolutely!!

Gloves are a can of worms for me…I have Reynaud’s which results in very poor circulation to the extremities (ie hands) so I have tried and test many gloves over the years. The bench mark was set some years ago when Scubapro did a set of semi-dry gloves that were amazing (unfortunately they stopped producing them a long while agao and my pair have long been consigned to the bin). The best since then is my trusty Typhoon superstretch 5mm gloves which work really well. So how did these 5mm Bare gloves perform? Got to say really well. The superstretch neoprene means you can flex the fingers but the fit was so good (i had a large pair) that on the first dive I had no (or very little) water in the glove…resulting in warm hands…(this despite the wrist of the glove not being completely flat on top of drysuit seal)…At £46 they are up there but I can say that this is definetly my next purchase…if you get cold hands then defintely give these a go..