News from the club

Hi Hope this letter finds you in good health. I just wanted to bring you up to speed with what’s been happening over the last few months at scuba scene. Starting back in May we had our Red Sea trip which is always a popular trip and fills the boat with all levels of experienced divers. The Red Sea has some pristine coral reefs with an abundance of fish life full of color. This year we had some amazing encounters with Oceanic white tip sharks and sightings of hammerhead sharks.

Next years Red Seawe are doing theNorth and BrothersItinerary, this gives us the best of both worlds where we will spend time in the north exploring the wonderful wrecks and reefs the Red Sea has to offer. We will also sail further south to explore the famous brother Islands looking for some bigger aquatic life. Next years trip is a trip that will suit all levels of diver and will build a vast amount of confidence in your diving during the weeks.

During the months of June, July and August we organized some day trips around the Devon/Cornwall coast line wanting to further enhance our dive club and bring in new members as well as old, build a stronger, friendly community with people who share the same interest and want to go out and explore our coast line underwater which offers an abundance of aquatic life and diversity. We want to build on and welcome more members along with newly qualified divers. Also organize day trips for newly qualified divers down on the coast where we can build on confidence, experience as well asknowledge, so we can all enjoy the benefits the underwater world has to offer.

End of June beginning of July we had our annual weekend down atPorthkerris, a place which is tucked away in a quiet Cornish locationbut offers some of the best UK diving in the country. The weekend gives us the opportunity to have very enjoyablesocial weekend along with some amazing diving. You have the choice of either going out on some boat diving and visit the Manacles a reef with an abundance of color and life, or the Drawna rock shore dive which is teaming with life. 2 days diving around this rock and you still want more.

September/ October we organized a trip which took us half way around the world to Bali. Tsunamis and volcanos didn’t stop Scuba Scene, we had an amazing trip and came across an abundance of diversity the Indian Ocean has to offer. Turtles and abundance of different sea horses and the highlight, a molamola or sun fish as its also known.Which is a tick in the bucket list for any diver, these fish can grow to an incredible size and dwarf a person in the water. The trip also included a few days stop over in Singapore taking in all the iconic sights and locations that Singapore has to offer with our own personal guide. Our depth of knowledge here at Scuba Scene holds no boundaries

Along with our diving we also like to organize social evenings out.We have seen and had some good side splitting (with laughter) bowling evenings, meals out, or just a few relaxing drinks in a bar with friends talking diving and got to get it in, a bit of football. We like to think of our club as a friendly family atmosphere a group of people who come together have a good time and share the adventure.

Moving forward what’s going on…………over the next month or so we would like to organize some diving activities for newly qualified divers and experienced, join us down on the coast and have a day out diving, meet the team if you have not already done so. We can all go for a dive, boost your confidence build on your confidence and take the step into exploring the underwear world. Join us and explore. We have social activities on going we are looking at an evening in November where we inform you of what we have planned for next year. Its set to be an exciting year and can guarantee it’s a life experience you will never look back on.

Christmas is coming up what do we do…….. have you thought about joining the team for our annual Christmas party it’s an evening to unwind, chat andquiz the team on your diving queries (be wary on the answer though lol) come along andcheckout the team dressed up in their best bib and brace. (no dry suits allowed). Don’t think you can’t go…… I don’t know anyone. This is another evening where you/ we, can all come together and enjoy each other’s company, talk about life, diving, what we want for Christmas and what the new year holds for our adventures………..