Oceanic Spare Air


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The Spare Air 300 Package from Oceanic is a self contained, refillable cylinder designed as a total redundant back up miniature scuba system. In case of emergency, Spare Air provides air to safely get you back to the surface.


  • Includes deluxe holster, leash and A-Clamp refill adaptor.
  • Tank finish in Neon Yellow for safety
  • Small, hands-free, nearly neutrally buoyant
  • Breathe on demand regulator with no complicated instructions
  • Completely redundant back up miniature scuba system
  • Quicker than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus


  • 0.42 litres, 200 bar offering approx 57 surface breaths.
  • Weight: 0.985kg

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Weight 0.9000 kg
Oceanic Spare Air

;i, 8.75, tall 85l capacity