Trainee Divemasters integral to dive operations

‘Divemaster’ to the non diver conjures up a picture of the ultimate diver the ‘Master of Diving’ often regarded as higher up the professional ladder than the Instructor and probably rightly so! To me there is no more important course – lets face it, this is where the dive professional gets hands on with real life students and real life divers. Or at least they should! Through all my dive centres I believe that the only way a trainee divermaster should learn is the real hands on experience only ‘real students’ can provide. After all if I mock up problems then in the back of the mind of the trainee is ‘well it is only Ian and he can sort himself out’ whereas the real student generally can’t. If they have that moment of panic, then it is exactly that – panic…. It’s those real life experiences that you can’t mock up when a student suddenly decides to take a regulator out the same time as they are doing a mask clear whilst trying to stay neutrally buoyant!

Our trainee Divemasters may be on a course for six months or even 2 years…but we know when they get to the end they have receieved the very best of training that means they will be able to deal with ‘unexpected’. So with us – we train those Masters of Diving that go on to be really great instructors (although that route of course is up to them) and we know they truely have earn’t that certification card. If its a badge then they should wear it with honour…

So massive congratulations to our newest qualified divemaster Amber… whom has overcome her own ups and downs of diving to reach this level…….