Thermalution Heated vest


Heated vest depth rated to 100m




Thermalution® Yellow Grade PLUS is the first power heated undersuit to endorse the ground breaking heating technology with a rechargeable wireless control system. It is an advanced model for longer, deeper dives.

Master the ocean.
Have you ever wanted to truly feel like you’re in the driver’s seat when underwater? The Yellow Grade PLUS will not only let you handle the wheel, it will also be your co-pilot and facilitate your every dive. With help such as this, championships will come; naturally.

No Power? No Problem.
Not only will the Yellow Grade PLUS be your co-pilot, it will also act as your personal pit crew, ensuring you get the best dive, every dive. Equipped with heavy duty batteries and a state of the art rechargeable wireless controller, the Yellow Grade PLUS will be the best diving team you can ever dream of.

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Weight 1.5000 kg