Omega 3 FDXi Regulator


The Omega3 FDXi is a side exhaust regulator fitted with a compact but high performance inline diaphragm first stage that work together to deliver an outstanding breathe.

The unique levered servo valve is incredibly responsive and capable of providing huge amounts of air whenever you need it.



The Omega 3 FDXi regulator is a blast from the past but with a new stylish look, improved performance and incorporates the latest in our technologies and designs. The Omega 3 brings back a balanced, high performance side exhaust second stage to our range which has been combined with the over-balanced inline diaphragm FDXi first stage to deliver a consistently effortless breathe.

The FDXi has been designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible whilst ensuring the exceptional performance levels we expect from our first stages. In fact, the new inline design eliminates the pressure loss that is inherent in a typical first stage that requires the gas flow to make a 90 degree turn as soon as it enters the first stage so the FDXi is even more efficient. The body has been striped of all excess weight to give a minimalistic look that also increases the surface area of the first stage to maximise thermal transfer. A dry chamber environmental seal provides protection from internal contamination and also works to provide excellent cold water performance and reliability. The FDXi offers four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports are convenient angles for optimal hose routing. The first stage is fitted with our DVT (Dry Valve Technology) which automatically seals the cylinder connector when the regulators are not pressurised and re-opens when pressurised to help prevent contaminants and moisture from entering the first stage when not in use.

The Omega 3 is a balanced side venting second stage that uses a unique servo valve that delivers airflow that is proportional to your need with no rush or air or fluttering, just consistent performance and easy breathing. Unlike a typical balanced second stage the Omega 3 uses a two chamber balancing design that provides pressure assisted air flow through six vents into the housing which allows us to accomplish a more distributed and higher volume flow of air around the second stage compared to a standard single vent design. The housing is fitted with a rotating piece at the hose inlet which switches the valve from pre-dive to dive modes as required. The side exhaust vent gives the Omega 3 two additional benefits, firstly exhaled gas is purged to the side of the head which keeps the bubbles away from the face and secondly it means that second stage is ambidextrous with no up or down to hinder hose routing or configuration.

The FDXi and Omega 3 are connected using a lightweight braided low pressure hose that offers increased safety with a higher burst pressure and improved UV resistance compared to traditional rubber hoses.

On top of all these great features all UK purchases of the Oceanic Omega 3 FDXi regulator are protected by a Lifetime warranty once registered. To maintain the warranty the regulator must be serviced annually within a month of the purchase anniversary at an authorised Oceanic Dealer. To make the deal even sweeter we will even provide the service kit free of charge to the dealer, making it even cheaper to own and maintain your Oceanic regulators. For more information regarding the warranty programme please visit theLifetime Warrantypage.


  • Over balanced inline first stage
  • Environmentally sealed first stage
  • Four low pressure ports
  • Two high pressure ports
  • Braided low pressure hose
  • Balanced servo assisted second stage valve
  • Pre-dive and Dive modes
  • Ambidextrous housing design
  • Side exhaust vent

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Weight 2.0000 kg


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