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The A300 CS is the future of personal dive computers with an OLED colour display and Bluetooth technology. A wireless, air-integrated computer with patented air time remaining algorithm, high contrast OLED color screen, 3-axis digital compass, Bluetooth ready, up to 4 nitrox mixes, user replaceable battery, and an intuitive push button menu system.



The A300 CS has been designed to be as easy to us and as clutter free as possible, allowing the diver to focus on the essential information during the dive. That’s not to say that the A300 CS isn’t packed with features though, quite the opposite. The A300 CS is a whole new system built around an ultra-bright high contrast OLED display.

The OLED screen allows for a super clear display that is always lit via the OLED technology, making it readable in all situations regardless of light levels and visibility. OLED screens allow for a much more colourful, customised text and graphic orientated display that can highlight important information, flash clearly visible on screen alerts and show much more understand graphics whilst still being much more energy efficient than older technologies like TFT screens.

The A300 CS uses our Dual Algorithm technology to allow optimised dive times based on the style of diving you will be doing. Whether it is repetitive dives whilst on holiday or more infrequent deeper dives, the A300 CS is capable of maximising your bottom time without compromising on safety.

The A300 CS has also been built to connect with more modern devices such as smart phones instead of being limited to desktop and laptop computers with a USB port. Bluetooth 4.0 LE is built into the device for connectivity to smart phones apps that allow full remote setting control, view and edit dive logs and profiles, share dives with social media sites and perform firmware updates to the dive computer.

There are still so many features fitted into the A300 CS including support for up to four optional wireless transmitters, a 3-axis digital compass and up to four nitrox gases mixes with in dive switching.


  • Ultra-bright high contrast full colour OLED Display
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE ready for wireless transfer of dive profiles and dive computer settings
  • Powered by Dual Algorithm® 
  • Wireless air integration 
  • 3-Axis Digital Compass with Full Tilt Compensation
  • Up to 4 Nitrox mixes – each with individual PO2 set points
  • Automatic Safety Stop Countdown
  • Optional Deep Stop with Countdown Timer
  • User Replaceable Battery
  • Firmware Update Ready

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Weight 500.0000 kg


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