Nomad LT Sidemount System Blue Water


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Designed for warm water diving with aluminum 80s, the Nomad LT Bluewater is designed for the sidemount diver who is diving in open bodies of water. The low profile design packs easy for travel at only 5.5 pounds including all the hardware. The lift is pushed toward the bottom by two baffles to keep the lift in the small of the back. The Super Fabric back is tough and puncture resistant. The inflator assembly is routed over the shoulder just like any openwater BC and an epaulet secures it over the shoulder. The lower dump valve is located on the lower backside of the BC.

We use two seperate bungees that attach to our exclusive daisy chain connection design so one size bungee works for any size diver. * Small volume steel cylinders can be used when diving a dry suit.*

The Nomad LTs exceptional design creates the first sidemount rig of its kind that is simple to set up and configure with an all-in-one webbing harness and wing combination. Pivot points at the chest provide comfort for women and large-chested divers and stainless steel slides at the waist provide a customizable fit. See our Nomad LT Fitting Video for tips.

Unique to the Nomad LT is the tight wing profile that provides instant trim with an ingenius 3-inch (7.6cm) expansion panel located at the base of the wing. This puts air where it is needed for optimal trim and efficiency. A low profile buttplate is located just at the base of the wing for divers with steel 85s, providing easy access to bottles. SuperFabric® brand technology on the outer wing provides optimum resistance to punctures and abrasions, while remaining very flexible.

Weighing only 5.4lbs (2.5kg), the Nomad LT is our favorite for travel to warm water destinations. Extremely streamlined, the Nomad LT has 22lbs of lift to carry twin aluminum 80 cylinders with a wetsuit or Faber steel 85s when wearing a drysuit.

Made in the U.S.A.

** Faber steel 85s are lighter than other brands of similar size tanks. Only wear Faber steel 85s with the Nomad LT.

*** Due to a lift capacity of 22lbs, the Nomad LT is designed to support a maximum of 10lbs of additional weight worn for trim or buoyancy purposes.


  • All-in-one, non-modular rig is one complete piece.
  • Comes standard with our tank chokers (BC2720) and ring bungees (BC2722).
  • Standard 12-inch elbow inflator. 16-inch available upon request.
  • Black outer bag is made of SuperFabric brand technology and 1000 denier Cordura® offering superior durability.
  • Inner bladder is constructed from heavy-duty 210 denier nylon laminated bladder which is highly resistant to pinches and punctures
  • Urethane flanges are welded in place, which make it easy to switch out corrugated hoses and over pressurization valves without tools
  • Marine grade stainless hardware
  • One size fits all
  • Made in the U.S.A


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Weight 2.5000 kg


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