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Designed to be worn with double tanks or singles, the Dive Rite Rec Wing is popular due to its versatility.The Dive Rite Rec Wing employs a Gusset Control System (GCS) cord woven through tabs on the front face of the wing. When tightened, the cord limits lift capacity so the Rec Wing can be used with single backmount tanks. When the GCS cord is loosened, the Rec Wing provides its full lift capacity of 51 pounds/23 kg of lift and can accommodate double 95 ft3/15 L back mounted cylinders. Loose or tight, the GCS cord helps the Rec Wing maintain a small profile for divers traversing in tight passages and the cord compression helps in dumping air. Rec Wings are a good choice for divers who, while they may primarily use doubles, want to be able to configure their air cell for occasional use with single cylinders as well.

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