Cressi Back Jac


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Jacket with Lock-Aid System for the quick release of lead weights. This back inflation jacket has an elastic band all round the air bag to contain any loss and to ease release.

* Cordura 500 outside, nylon 420 inside.

* Two zipped accessory pockets rolled up.

* Two pockets for lead weights on the back of the harness.

* Three air release valves.

* Adjustable and stretch sheath.

* Traditional two part Cressi back.

* Four stainless steel object holder rings.

* Two spear gun ring holders.

Additional information

Weight 6.0000 kg
Cressi Back Jac

Back Jac L (lift capacity 23.0kg/50.6lbs), Back Jac M (lift capacity 19.4kg/42.7lbs), Back Jac S (lift capacity 13.3kg/29.2lbs), Back Jac XL (lift capacity 23.0kg/50.6lbs), Back Jac XS (lift capacity 13.3kg/29.2lbs)


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