Artic Expedition One Piece




The Fourth Element Arctic Expedition One Piece Undersuit combines the best selling Arctic Undersuit with material from the Thermocline and Bio-mapping from the Halo 3D.
Chest, Shoulders and Upper Arms use Thermocline material for increased wind resistance and water-proofing when walking around the dive site and minor leaks during a dive.
Body and Thighs use thicker Arctic material which has a ceramic outer pattern which improves the abrasion resistance and reduces the ‘bobbling’ effect after use. Bio-mapped areas use thicker, more insulating materials over key muscle groups and organs for better comfort.
Lower Legs have graduated levels of insulation to increase flexibility and ease drysuit donning and doffing. Foot stirrups keep the leggings in place and prevent riding up during use.
Wrists have a Self-Retracting thumb loop that will help you keep the sleeve in place whilst putting your suit on but will retract back into the cuff to keep out of the way and leave the seal intact.

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Weight 2.5000 kg