Arid snorkel


The Arid uses a deflector top to help prevent water entry into the snorkel and an oversized purge valve for easy clearing



The Arid snorkel is a semi-dry snorkel with an advanced deflector fitted to the opening of the snorkel to prevent water from entering the snorkel if a wave splashes over the top. A series of vanes help to direct water away from the bore of the snorkel and out of the side of the deflector. The snorkel tube itself hugs the side of the head to reduce drag as much as possible and prevent the snorkel from flapping when finning at higher speeds. A sliding quick release clip allows easy height adjustment for optimal mouthpiece positioning and convenient separation of the mask and snorkel for storage.

The lower corrugated section of the Arid snorkel is made using 100% high grade liquid silicone that allows the mouthpiece to complete drop away when not in use and provides complete freedom of movement for the best positioning to the mouth. The section is corrugated for extra flexibility but the corrugation is strictly kept the outside of the tube to prevent an increase of turbulence inside the snorkel that would lower breathing performance.

The bottom section includes a one way purging valve and a collection chamber that is designed to collect any water that does enter the snorkel and drain it via the purge valve. The purge chamber helps to maintain a sufficiently clear airway even when the snorkel still has water in it. The mouthpiece is made from 100% liquid silicone for a very comfortable fit into the mouth.


  • Deflector top prevents water entry
  • Drop away flex mouthpiece
  • Oversized purge valve for easy clearing
  • Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece

Additional information

Weight 250.0000 kg


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