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News Blog

News from the club  

Hi Hope this letter finds you in good health. I just wanted to bring you up to speed with what’s been happening over the last few months at scuba scene. Starting back in May we had our Red Sea trip which is always a popular trip and fills the boat with all levels of experienced divers. The Red Sea has some pristine coral reefs with an abundance of fish life full of color. This year we had some amazing encounters with Oceanic white tip sharks and sightings of hammerhead sharks.

Next years Red Seawe are doing theNorth and BrothersItinerary, this gives us the best of both worlds where we will spend time in the north exploring the wonderful wrecks and reefs the Red Sea has to offer. We will also sail further south to explore the famous brother Islands looking for some bigger aquatic life. Next years trip is a trip that will suit all levels of diver and will build a vast amount of confidence in your diving during the weeks.

During the months of June, July and August we organized some day trips around the Devon/Cornwall coast line wanting to further enhance our dive club and bring in new members as well as old, build a stronger, friendly community with people who share the same interest and want to go out and explore our coast line underwater which offers an abundance of aquatic life and diversity. We want to build on and welcome more members along with newly qualified divers. Also organize day trips for newly qualified divers down on the coast where we can build on confidence, experience as well asknowledge, so we can all enjoy the benefits the underwater world has to offer.

End of June beginning of July we had our annual weekend down atPorthkerris, a place which is tucked away in a quiet Cornish locationbut offers some of the best UK diving in the country. The weekend gives us the opportunity to have very enjoyablesocial weekend along with some amazing diving. You have the choice of either going out on some boat diving and visit the Manacles a reef with an abundance of color and life, or the Drawna rock shore dive which is teaming with life. 2 days diving around this rock and you still want more.

September/ October we organized a trip which took us half way around the world to Bali. Tsunamis and volcanos didn’t stop Scuba Scene, we had an amazing trip and came across an abundance of diversity the Indian Ocean has to offer. Turtles and abundance of different sea horses and the highlight, a molamola or sun fish as its also known.Which is a tick in the bucket list for any diver, these fish can grow to an incredible size and dwarf a person in the water. The trip also included a few days stop over in Singapore taking in all the iconic sights and locations that Singapore has to offer with our own personal guide. Our depth of knowledge here at Scuba Scene holds no boundaries

Along with our diving we also like to organize social evenings out.We have seen and had some good side splitting (with laughter) bowling evenings, meals out, or just a few relaxing drinks in a bar with friends talking diving and got to get it in, a bit of football. We like to think of our club as a friendly family atmosphere a group of people who come together have a good time and share the adventure.

Moving forward what’s going on…………over the next month or so we would like to organize some diving activities for newly qualified divers and experienced, join us down on the coast and have a day out diving, meet the team if you have not already done so. We can all go for a dive, boost your confidence build on your confidence and take the step into exploring the underwear world. Join us and explore. We have social activities on going we are looking at an evening in November where we inform you of what we have planned for next year. Its set to be an exciting year and can guarantee it’s a life experience you will never look back on.

Christmas is coming up what do we do…….. have you thought about joining the team for our annual Christmas party it’s an evening to unwind, chat andquiz the team on your diving queries (be wary on the answer though lol) come along andcheckout the team dressed up in their best bib and brace. (no dry suits allowed). Don’t think you can’t go…… I don’t know anyone. This is another evening where you/ we, can all come together and enjoy each other’s company, talk about life, diving, what we want for Christmas and what the new year holds for our adventures………..

Red Sea blog  

Although its early in the morning you are up and ready to go.. a few others, also quite keen for the day ahead are up drinking tea or coffee and having a quick sugar fix with some of the snacks on hand. A while later the rest of the group are all assembled (so much for needing the early morning wake up call). The bell rings a couple of times meaning that its briefing time (you get to live by the bell once onboard). We head indoors to get the first dive briefing...its a fairly easy dive max depth around 14m no more than 60 minutes underwater just so everyone can familiarise themselves with diving in warm water...no need for the drysuit over here!

The first group heads down onto the dive deck to get themselves geared up and into the water. The other half wait patiently so there is more space to move around...in fact the second group usually remember all those bits and pieces the first group is yelling out for when they realise they have forgotton to get dressed properly "Can someone grab my dive computer??", "where's my camera??"

After squeezing into those wetsuits (I'm sure mine has shrunk since the last time I put it on!) we also get kitted up, a quick buddy check, fins on and into the water. A lush deep blue colour. Its a shock to the system when you drop down that you can see for what seems forever and just remembering that you actually have to inflate your BC and not your drysuit takes some getting used to..

Underwater the serenity takes over..down on the seabed patches of coral intersperse with fine white sand. On top of a patch of Acropora coral a shoal of damsel fish playing a game of hide and seek as you get close to them. A sea cucumber on the sand in no desperate hurry to move anywhere and a lion fish gently riding the water movement looking for its next victim. You move over to a larger coral head and hear the grinding of coral as a parrot fish takes a bite and then heads off dispersing white sand in its wake. You spot a blue spotted ray on the bottom just in the recess of where the coral meets the sand doing its best to blend into the sea bed. And as you swim over the top of the coral you spot a yellow-speckled moray with it head out of a small hole. Now that you've seen him you're not sure how sure you could have missed it as you first swam over. He looks like he is gulping lots of air making him seem very angry....time to move on me thinks....

All too soon it's time to head back to the surface, but before you do, a chance to double check you know how to put the SMB up (not that I expect to do much of it during the rest of the week). Back on the surface i'm already pretty much at the bottom of the ladder so pass my fins up and then climb up back on to our floating hotel...

The kit comes off and back into my slot for the week and then its time to exchange the dive stories...who saw what and who gets bragging rights over the best spotted fish. The camera guys all staring intently into the screens to see if they got a picture of the one that got away! The bell rings so time to head indoors for breakfast.....the great news is I've got all week of this!!!

Our next trip is Red Sea liveaboard - departing on the 31st May 2019...Cost is £1349 per person (plus VISA and based on two people sharing a twin room. All flights, dives and food are included (apart from last day)....we have spaces left so if you are interested please get in touch...

Sidemount Diving  

Sidemount diving...you may have heard of it...if your new to diving then maybe not...lets take a look at what it's all about...

Firstly where do we wear cylinders when we're underwater? On our backs right? Well since diving began thats been true and it kind of makes sense - a more natural, intuitive place. But more recently sidemount diving involving carrying one, two or more cylinders along your sides has been gaining popularity.

It can make divers more streamlined in the water, aids divers 'trim' (position in the water) and can be considered safer due to having all the valves where you can see them. As an additional bonus it can aid with carrying cylinders since you can put them on in the water and carry them one at a time down to the waters edge!

It does however have a few drawbacks...as you'll be generally using two cylinders underwater it can take a while to get used to the gas management (since you'll be swtiching between two cylinders), your buddy wont be used to the new kit set-up and finally it can be cumbersome if you have all your kit on before you get in the water...

I began sidemount diving a number of years back and whilst I don't get much opportunity to get out and dive recreationally in my kit - it is always an 'easy' way of diving, since all the cylinders can be taken to the waters edge (so no carrying lots of weight on your back!) and then just clip them on as soon as you get in the water. It also works with technical diving since your already using 'twin cylinders' and adding a few deco cylinders  doesnt make it any more difficult to your trim...

Sidemount diving came from cave divers but has moved into the recreational and technical dive area, whilst it will never take over these markets it is here to stay and suits some divers...

We run both recreational and technical sidemount courses......and if your really not sure why not ask us about our taster sessions where you can give it a go in the safety of the pool or confined water.....


Trainee Divemasters integral to dive operations  

'Divemaster' to the non diver conjures up a picture of the ultimate diver the 'Master of Diving' often regarded as higher up the professional ladder than the Instructor and probably rightly so! To me there is no more important course - lets face it, this is where the dive professional gets hands on with real life students and real life divers. Or at least they should! Through all my dive centres I believe that the only way a trainee divermaster should learn is the real hands on experience only 'real students' can provide. After all if I mock up problems then in the back of the mind of the trainee is 'well it is only Ian and he can sort himself out' whereas the real student generally can't. If they have that moment of panic, then it is exactly that - panic.... It's those real life experiences that you can't mock up when a student suddenly decides to take a regulator out the same time as they are doing a mask clear whilst trying to stay neutrally buoyant!

Our trainee Divemasters may be on a course for six months or even 2 years...but we know when they get to the end they have receieved the very best of training that means they will be able to deal with 'unexpected'. So with us - we train those Masters of Diving that go on to be really great instructors (although that route of course is up to them) and we know they truely have earn't that certification card. If its a badge then they should wear it with honour...

So massive congratulations to our newest qualified divemaster Amber... whom has overcome her own ups and downs of diving to reach this level.......


Review of Bare Celliant Gloves and Hood  

So last weekend I had the opportunity to test the new Bare Celliant 5mm gloves and 7mm hood.This is what they say...."Celliant Infrared technology turns wasted body heat into useable infrared energy. The lining is enhanced with 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric of the glove that react to your body heat converting it to infrared energy and reflecting it back to the body increasing circulation and body warmth."

I usually dive with a Forth Element hood (5mm) and I have to say that the 7mm hood was in every way as comfortable as my usual. The vent on the top of the hood is great (something missing from the Fourth Element) and the glide skin skirt feels comfortable against the skin. The only downside is that the hood fits so well that when some water does creep in my god you dont half notice it!!! Priced at £65 it is way up there....is it worth it?...if it keeps the head warm then absolutely!!

Gloves are a can of worms for me...I have Reynaud's which results in very poor circulation to the extremities (ie hands) so I have tried and test many gloves over the years. The bench mark was set some years ago when Scubapro did a set of semi-dry gloves that were amazing (unfortunately they stopped producing them a long while agao and my pair have long been consigned to the bin). The best since then is my trusty Typhoon superstretch 5mm gloves which work really well. So how did these 5mm Bare gloves perform? Got to say really well. The superstretch neoprene means you can flex the fingers but the fit was so good (i had a large pair) that on the first dive I had no (or very little) water in the glove...resulting in warm hands...(this despite the wrist of the glove not being completely flat on top of drysuit seal)...At £46 they are up there but I can say that this is definetly my next purchase...if you get cold hands then defintely give these a go..

Ramblings of a dive centre owner  

We have added a new 'blog' section to our website...this now allows us to keep you updated on all the activities, hints, tips, new product, kit trials, courses and general information in one handy space without having to be a member of our facebook page (scuba scene dive club - if your interested!) or Instagram or any other social media site... keep popping back regular to see the daily, weekly or monthly mews of dive centre owner Ian or the rest of the Scuba Scene crew...