Term's and Condition's

Scuba Scene Dive club is run and controlled by Scuba Scene Ltd – all things related to the club including members benefits, discounts, events and dive trips are controlled by Scuba Scene.

  •        10% discount on courses is applicable through Scuba Scene only, and on full price courses and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  •        All discounts and club benefits are for use by the club member only and will be monitored.
  •        10% retail discount is available in the Scuba Scene shop only (excluding sale/discounted items, dive packs, books, weight and cylinders)
  •        24 free air fills or 12 free cylinder hires can only be used by the club member at Scuba Scene. This is not valid at any other dive centre and has no monetary value.
  •        Any member abusing the benefits, discounts and membership will have their membership put on review and in cases of repeated misuse membership will be removed.
  •        The repair/replacement of damaged or lost equipment must be met by the member. Scuba Scene cannot be held liable for any damage or loss to members personal equipment.
  •        All boat/shore dives/trips and events must be paid for in full at least one week before the day. The aforementioned may require a minimum to run.
  •        Every member must read, understand, sign and date a liability release form that will cover them for one year’s diving, boat diving and courses.
  •        Each year a member must have completed a medical self-declaration and if necessary have a medical sign by a physician
  •          You must understand and agree that the membership is for 12 months and starts from date of joining.
  •        You must promise to pay the fee monthly (if applicable) throughout the 12 month's.


        If you stop payment part way through the year without the prior agreement of Scuba Scene, Scuba Scene Ltd has the right to pursue those monies still outstanding.

$      Scuba Scene reserves the right stop or cancel any event, dive, course or membership without prior warning. (However we will give as much notice as we reasonably can)

$     Failure to attend a dive/trip/event on the date booked will result in the loss of all fees. No refunds of any monies paid will be given, save that Scuba Scene at its discretion may offer a credit note redeemable at Scuba Scene shop or against the cost of an alternative dive/trip/event. If you cancel an event a credit note will only be issued if your place can be resold and if cancellation does not affect the minimum numbers needed to run.









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